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Social Work

Social Work

Not everyone who needs home health needs a social work visit, but you might be surprised at how a social worker can help you. Social workers identify and address social and emotional problems impacting your medical condition, treatment plan, or your rate of recovery.

For many people, a change in health status can cause lots of other changes, too. You might experience changes in your financial status, changes in your living arrangements, etc. You might need more help than you’ve needed in the past. You might need some help paying for medications, help finding support or connecting with community resources. Those are all things a social worker may be able to help with.

Social workers can help you with long-term planning. They can help you with information about advanced directives such as Power of Attorney for Health Care, and they can provide resources and discuss potential living arrangements and support systems for your future. Social workers can also help your family/caregivers if they need more support in caring for you or planning for your future. In addition, social workers are able to provide short-term therapy and crisis intervention.

For more information about our social work services, please Call Toll Free: 1-866-384-0393.

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