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Winter Fall Prevention Tips

I love the wintertime. From spending time with your loved ones, to relaxing by the fireplace, there is just so much room for personal enjoyment. But, due to the change in weather and decorating for the holidays, there is a great opportunity to fall. Here are some tips to help prevent falling during this winter season.


  1. Wear proper shoes– During the winter time, the weather obviously gets colder and ice, rain and snow are more common to occur. When you are ready to go out and about to run errands or just get some fresh air, make sure that you are wearing shoes that have proper grip. By having shoes that grip to the ground, you chance of slipping on ice or water decreases significantly.
  2. Don’t reach too high– With the holidays right around the corner, it may seem easy to reach just a little bit higher than you normally would so you can get that last box of decorations. When reaching just out of your normal reach, you can tilt too far which can cause a fall. Don’t be afraid to ask for help reaching something if you believe that it is too far out of your reach.
  3. Use handrails– Being out in the community, there are places that are known to have a high rate of falls every year. When you see handrail that is usually an indicator that that is one of the places where the risk of falling is high. It’s probably your best bet to utilize the handrails if you see one just to be sure to prevent an unwanted fall.
  4. Clothing– In the winter months of course you want to wear all of your comfy cozy clothes. I will be the first to admit that I wear comfy cozy clothes all throughout the winter season. But when you are dressing in your warm clothes be sure to dress in clothes that you can move easily in, not trip over and have good grip. Wearing long coats or pants that go past your ankles can raise your risk of falling. And of course you need to keep your fingers warm! Try utilizing gloves that are not completely fabric and have some rubber sections for ease to hold on to your walker or handrails without having your hands slide off.
  5. Beware of the weather– Taking note of the weather conditions before you leave the house can help you dress and proper for the conditions that may be outside. By taking note of what the conditions are outside then you can be alert for different falling hazards that may be present too!

Here at Advanced RehabTrust, we want you to have the best winter possible! If you do experience a fall and think that home healthcare may help you on your road to recovery, please give us a call at 940-384-0393. We always welcome any questions that you may have so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Advanced RehabTrust wants you to have a happy winter season with your friends and family.

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