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How to Decrease Holiday Stress

Wow! The holidays really snuck up this year, didn’t they?! With it beginning to be the end of the year, stress levels can rise quickly. But have no fear, Advanced RehabTrust is here with some strategies to help you decrease your stress level. Let’s talk about how to decrease your stress level this holiday season.

First, identify what your stressor is. It could be anything from getting the house ready for company to cooking for a crowd of people! If you have multiple stressors, make a list of what they are so you can be aware of them. At this stage, it’s a good idea to prioritize the tasks. Prioritizing can assist you in deciding when a task needs to be done or the severity of task.

Now that you have identified your stressors, find a solution to them. Sometimes the best way to decrease your stress level is to ask for help. Divide and conquer is the term I like to use! Divide up your tasks to helpful friends or family members. Not only will this help you take off some of the stress, it will also get the tasks done faster! So, at this stage, don’t be afraid to ask for a little assistance if needed.

After you have written your list and delegated the tasks appropriately, now is the time to get busy with completing the tasks. If your tasks have to do with getting your house ready, turn on some music or a TV show that you like in the background. When doing this, you are able to have something that makes you happy in the background and can also keep your mind off of the other stressors that you may have. Your favorite song or TV show can even make the task feel like it’s going faster because you are having fun doing it!

Finally, here is the key to decreasing stress levels… don’t procrastinate. I know it can be easy to push things off until later, but if you start early your stress can be decreased dramatically. Doing a little bit of work in preparation for the holidays each day, you will not feel as overwhelmed when your party or company arrives. If you have tasks that must be completed the day of, organize your time in advance. Make a set schedule of how long each task will take and stick to it!

Here at Advanced RehabTrust Home Health, we know that this time of year tends to stir up some stress levels. If taking care of a loved one is causing more stress for you, please reach out to us at 940-384-0393 and inquire about our caregiving services. Advanced RehabTrust wants you to have a happy and stress-free holiday season!

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