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People with Parkinson?s Disease Regain Their Voice with Lee Silverman Voice Treatment

Ifyou or someone you love has Parkinson’s disease,Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program may change your life! I don’t know how many times it happened each day, but it was too many. I would say something to my wife, just ordinary conversation, in a normal voice and then

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Active Aging Week at Lewisville Estates with Advanced RehabTrust

Lewsiville Mayor Dean Ueckert, Ron Tester, and the Active Seniors of Lewisville EstatesRead more

What communication problems occur after a stroke?

I was talking with a truly great speech-language pathologist (speech therapist) today and we were discussing all the different types of people she can help.The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association website has a great article about strokes, and you can read it here.

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We’re Sponsoring a Health and Wellness Fair at Lewisville Estates!

This awesome Health and Wellness Fair will be from 9-4:30 Wednesday, October 3rd. When you go, be sure to look for Jacque Archer, Marcia Ortegon and me (Ron Tester). Marcia is a social worker and will be speaking at 4 PM about the Medicare Plan Maze and

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Medicare Home Health Care Benefits for People with Original Medicare

As you might know, I have gotten a reputation for pulling the curtain back and showing people the truth about Medicare Home Health, as least as it is in North Texas. Some people love that, but some of those with something to hide have gotten pretty upset.

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September is National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month: Why You Should Care

What is A-Fib In Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib), the upper part of your heart beats (quivers) faster than the rest of your heart. If you could look inside your chest, the top part of your heart would be shaking like Jell-O or beating more rapidly than the lower

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Seminar: My loved one has been diagnosed with dementia…..What do I do next?

My loved one has been diagnosed with dementia…..What do I do next Find out at this FREE and informative seminar! This Dementia Seminar is for…. Care takers, family members and loved ones of people who suffer from dementia. You are invited to attend this informative meeting to

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3 Benefits to Participating In a Care Transitions Program

Picture your mom. Now imagine this: four days ago your mom was admitted to the hospital with heart failure. For the last three days she s been laid up in a hospital bed. She may have to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket in addition to

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Avoid these two pitfalls to pick a better home health agency

A website may be one of the worst ways to pick a home health agency. Same with a brochure. I know you’re probably thinking “How else am I supposed to choose?” That’s a very good question, and I will answer it in the next post. But today

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We’ve added a Facebook section in our sidebar. If you’re on Facebook, please click “Like” on our page to follow updates that we post there.

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